How do I submit music for a feature or review?

Head over to the ‘Submit Music’ to find out more.

Who can submit music?

Artists and managers are both welcome to submit music weather the artist is signed or not. This does not make a difference to weather it will be accepted for review or a feature.

Is my submission guaranteed to be selected?

No. Any submissions are not guaranteed to be selected for a review or feature. Submissions are selected based on a number of different factors including the style of music, lyrical quality and weather it’s something that would fit for ‘Generation Indie’ at the time of submission. ‘Generation Indie’ always endeavour to give a response if your music is not selected but sometimes this isn’t possible.

What genre of music can I submit?

‘Generation Indie’ accepts all genres of music regardless of popularity.

Can I be interviewed for ‘Generation Indie’?

If you are an industry professional or artist ‘Generation Indie’ is always looking to interview interesting people who can give an insight into music. Please email Faithmblog@gmail.com to discuss further. (Please note you will not be paid for the interview)

Does ‘Generation Indie’ pay/charge for submissions/interviews?

No. No fee will be charged for music submissions and ‘Generation Indie’ does not pay for the use of submissions or interviews everything is at the artists/professionals discretion.

Who is ‘Generation Indie’ associated with?

‘Generation Indie’ is solely associated with founder Faith Martin and no other company/organisation or person is involved. All other contributors are not liable.

Who writes for ‘Generation Indie’?

Faith Martin is the founder and writer for ‘Generation Indie’. No other individual is responsible for or associated with Generation Indie.

My Question isn’t listed what should I do?

Email Faithmblog@gmail.com for any further enquires.

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