Jimmy Herity releases Forever Young // Generation Indie

Jimmy Herrity // Press

Hauntingly heartbreaking, Forever Young by Jimmy Herrity deals with love, loss and grief

Jimmy Herrity is a Brighton based singer-songwriter whose honesty and emotion breaks creative boundaries, pushing the limits around dark and heartbreaking lyricism. If you’re a fan of Jeff Buckley or Joy Division Jimmy’s art is something you’ll want to dive into.

“Forever Young was the easiest and hardest thing I have ever written. It was easy lyrically, because I was always writing very shortly after my brother died, as a way of getting my head to shut up. The hard part was just editing it, earlier versions of this song were much longer. There’s a lot to say when you lose someone in such horrific circumstances, it just isn’t always easy to say it. It’ll always be the most important thing I ever do, for you Shaun, love always, Jim.”

Jimmy Herrity

His new single Forever Young deals with the loss of his brother, the raw and stripped back approach brings the listener in on a very personal journey in which Jimmy open up his soul both in the writing and musical composition. The song has a gentle rhythm that flows consistently throughout making Forever Young a calming melodic track that has a deeper more sincere theme running through the words. The sincerity and truthfulness of Jimmy’s work and the way he’s able to pour his heart into a track without any hesitation ensures he is an artist who can survive the test of time.

Forever Young is available to stream now.

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