Crystal Tides share new EP Eat Your Words // Generation Indie

Crystal Tides // Press

Eat Your Words is the feel-good festival EP of the summer, Crystal Tides are stronger than ever

Generation Indie favourites Crystal Tides have retired with their brand new EP Eat Your Words. The four-piece rock band are the current kings of the Portsmouth music scene and it’s not hard to see why, their infectious melodies, unmatched energy and sheer passion make them the band to beat. The 5 track EP features the highly successful singles Courtney Love, Headcase and Last Time making this the EP of the summer.

Eat Your Words opens with Courtney Love, a track about standing up against the exploitation of young musicians, it’s the perfect indie banger to start your weekend with that’s packed full with a catchy chorus and rhythmic beats if you’re a fan of The Covasettes this one’s for you!

Track 2 is another of the singles. Headcase was previously described by Generation Indie as a “perfect example of an easy-listening pop song that can hook you in and calm you down at the same time. The scintillating guitar hooks and reassuring vocals make the track both comforting and exciting”. All of that is still true however within the Eat Your Words EP the track takes on its own character and changes the dynamic from just another indie band to a band with real promise and potential.

Last Time is the final single on the EP with its rip-roaring chorus and distinct vocals that makes the song perfect for any post lockdown party. Similarly track 4 titled Come Down features sunshine beats and guitar riffs to die for, the vocals are passionate but not overpowering really helping to guide the listener through the story of the song whilst adding a feel-good festival atmosphere.

“We have done our best to highlight the difficulty of being in an up & coming band not just going against all the top majors but also the effects it can have on all of your life. Despite coming across confident, we are still vulnerable humans that go through everyday struggles”.

Billy Gregory – Lead Singer

The final track on the Eat Your Words EP is Closer, a slower track to start with a softer vocal that shows a slightly more vulnerable side to the band’s songwriting, as the song build the vocals get effortlessly stronger whilst the lyrics allow you to feel more personally connected to the band like they’re sharing a small part of who they are as individuals, for that reason Closer is by far my favourite song on the EP as the band establish a connection with the listener whilst keeping the Crystal Tides style intact.

This might be the band’s debut EP but I’m certain it won’t be the last, I’m in awe of how they manage to evolve and share their passion with such skill and flare both musically and in their writing whilst creating songs that can uplift and bring joy to listeners.

Eat Your Words by Crystal Tides is available to stream now.

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