Danielle Lewis drops My Youth // Generation Indie

Danielle Lewis // Press

My Youth is a masterful vocal wrapped in melancholy waves of self reflection

Whether you’re wanting to calm down or just take some time out of your day, My Youth the new single by Danielle Lewis offers you an encapsulating experience like no other. Danielle who is originally from Wales creates folk music that even a heavy metal fan can take comfort in. Her stripped-back approach to creating a record makes for the kind of easy listening you need at the end of the week with her subtle tones gently washing over the backing track.

My Youth takes away any need or desire for more than just exceptional vocal and calming melodies. The song has deep beats pulsing at specific moments that ensure the song washes over the body of the listener with care and attention whilst visions of waterfalls, spa’s and meditation fill the mind creating an atmosphere that soothes the soul and relieves tension. The slight plucking of guitar strings and percussion that adds a shimmering undertone to the stillness of the record itself helps to bring this song to life even with its largely soft approach. My Youth is like falling into momentary bliss that lasts for exactly 2 minutes and 50 seconds, Danielle Lewis is certainly to watch.

My Youth by Danielle Lewis is available to stream now.

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