The Vaccines share Headphones Baby // Generation Indie

The Vaccines // Press photograph

The Vaccines are back with a brand new anthem and the dose of pure joy we all need

It’s been 3 years since The Vaccines released their 4th album Combat Sports which reached the top 5 of the UK charts but now Justin and co are back with their first single titled Headphones Baby taken from their upcoming 5th album due for release later in the year. True to their nature the new track is upbeat and oozes confidence it’s not hard to see just why they are one of Britain’s best-loved bands.

Headphones Baby instantaneously makes you want to move whilst bringing fun to your ears, leaving you craving those warm summer festival nights. It’s an explosion of energy, happiness and optimism that almost makes the last year feel bearable. A song about being eccentric right until the end with Justin singing “I wanna die together like we’re movie stars,”… “They’ll bury us in leather in Hollywood Forever”. I feel it’s about the fantasy of rock and roll but also the idea of connection.

The soundscape is typical of the band’s style with isolated guitar riffs and shimmering drums that complement the joyously catchy melody with the unique and instantly recognizable vocals of Justin Young that make this track a hit both commercially and in the more alternative world. To describe this track just with words is near impossible the real experience can only be felt through your headphones but if this new track is a representation of the album to come fans and music lovers alike will be delighted with the album to come.

Headphones Baby by The Vaccines is available to steam now.

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