Honey Motel release Keep It To Yourself // Generation Indie

Honey Motel

Honey Motel share a passion-fueled anthem dedicated to human nature titled Keep It To Yourself

Revelling in passion and insane electric guitar, Honey Motel are here to delight you with their incredible new single Keep It To Yourself. Hailing from Merseyside this quartet with fill you with glee, ignite your fire and thrill you to no end, the band only formed in early 2020 but have already gained traction from the likes of XS Manchester (an exclusive Manchester radio station) and BBC Introducing Merseyside. The new single is powered by energy and enthusiasm with an alternative rock twist that sits right at home with the UK’s biggest modern rock bands such as The Hunna.

Keep It To Yourself starts slow with the gentle easing in of soft guitar whilst building on it’s character with warming and trustworthy vocals that create pictures of gentle streams but as the song builds into the first belt of the chorus suddenly the track takes a deeper and more poignant turn with vocals of both grit and desperation conveying a story of human interaction within relationships and the human nature of needing to know someone inside out with the idea of not knowing everything about someone causing anxiety or stress.

Keep it to yourself is a track that outlines the delicate & frangible nature of relationships. Whether it be a lover, friend or family member, the faultless and irreprochable depiction painted of them within your mind is one that shudders and cracks as more of that person’s past is unveiled

Honey Motel

Towards the end of the song, both the verses and chorus repeats carry a heavier tone that injects one of the best guitar solos I’ve heard in recent years. Keep It To Yourself is heavy, relatable and food for the soul. My only regret is that I hadn’t heard Honey Motel sooner but this is a near-perfect introduction.

Keep It To Yourself is available to stream now.

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