World’s First Cinema release The Woods // Generation Indie

World’s First Cinema

The perfect blend of pop and modern rock The Woods by World’s First Cinema is the only track you need today

Founding in 2019, World’s First Cinema has gone from strength to strength with their debut Extended Play ‘Rituals’ generating over for million streams in just four months, whilst their tracks have also been featured on a plethora of playlists including Spotify’s fresh finds.

A mix of Lawson and Twin Atlantic, The Woods is a balanced and fresh take on modern pop-rock. Duo World’s First Cinema have created an anthem that plays out a fantasy land inspired by boardgame Dungeons and Dragons in which the song journeys through surviving overnight in a forest whilst using cinematic sounds to bring the story to life. The Duo are said to have a passion for horror and all things gory which is how The Woods came into fruition, encapsulating their live for both music and horror movies in one exciting musical exploit.

The cinematic sounds on the backing track lift the story and elevate the idea that the listener is having a full-blown experience that’s perfectly crafted to take you on a tour of mystery, wonder and fright. The smooth vocals wrap around the chorus like a snake to its prey, fiendishly clever and effortlessly clean. The base notes and percussion create the perfect rhythm that paints creature like animals thumping through the forest, trying into the story of this mystical new anthem.

The Woods by World’s First Cinema is available to stream now.

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