Crystal Tides share new track Headcase // Generation Indie

Crystal Tides

It’s time to press repeat as Crystal Tides bring the early summer vibes with brand new track Headcase

Crystal Tides are no strangers to Generation Indie, featuring in our ‘5 of the best recently released singles’ list with their track Courtney Love but now the Portsmouth four-piece are back with their latest instalment Headcase, a relaxed shimmering pop tune that personifies happiness and contentment. Despite this, the new tune is written around how others can play with our mental state when we are drawn to this one particular person even though we are aware that they don’t have good intentions.

Headcase is a perfect example of an easy-listening pop song that can hook you in and calm you down at the same time. The scintillating guitar hooks and reassuring vocals make the track both comforting and exciting, you may feel upon first listen that this could be any other guitar band but in my opinion, you’d be wrong as the sheer progression in vocal and technical ability on Headcase alone compared with the bands previous singles makes this infectious pop tune something to really wrap your ears around. The small nods of complexity prove that Crystal Tides are not just another indie band, they’re here for the long haul putting Portsmouth firmly on the map.

“Headcase is about being led on by a person who is obviously using you which causes you to go a little bit insane. The emotions you deal with alongside the mental battle inside your own head because you can’t figure out why you can’t stop thinking about that one person despite the fact they’re just playing with your head. You know it’s wrong but you think somehow you can make it work.”

Crystal Tides

Headcase by Crystal Tides is available to stream now here.

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