Novacain share Wasting Time // Generation Indie


It’s raucous, rocky and unruly in the best possible way, Wasting Time is the brand new single from Novacain

Get ready for mosh pits, ice cold beers and parties in the sun when covid allows because Portsmouth outfit Novacain have dropped their new single today titled Wasting Time. Penned around procrastination and looking back on the things you could and perhaps should have done, this guitar-driven, gut-punching anthem showcases gloriously gritty vocals and razor-sharp riffs perfect for the summer season. If you’re a fan of The Covasettes, The Amazons or Twin Atlantic hold on to your seats and carry on reading because we may have just found your new favourite band.

Wasting Time – Artwork

“The song is a melancholic reflection on the art of procrastination! It’s basically about looking back at your life so far and evaluating your mistakes in comparison with your achievements. There is a certain element of glorification about wasting time in the song as well, some of these moments where we make the so called ‘wrong decision’ end up creating the best memories. At the end of the day, we are all just ‘wasting time’ regardless of your life choices or your status in society… it’s all about finding the most entertaining way of doing so”

Lloyd Lock – Guitarist

The new single holds the image of festivals and sweaty indie nights firmly to its core, the built-up verses accompanied by a confident and passionate chorus make for a tune to remember. Every element of the track works in harmony together with moments of pre-2010 as well as a more modern approach. Wasting Time is the energetic refined rock anthem everyone needs right now. Novacain are one of the best bands around and certainly a staple in the Portsmouth music scene!

Wasting Time by Novacain is available to stream now by clicking here.

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