YNES shares Better Job // Generation Indie


Better Job by YNES is a post-punk anthem that tells the government to stop undermining the creative industry

YNES is a musician who recently went viral on Tik Tok after sharing a small clip of an unfinished idea inspired by the government’s comments on those in creative industries retraining due to covid with a complete disregard for musicians and artist alike which later turned into her new single Better Job.

Wrapped in angst and electric guitar, Better Job is the fast paced, poetic, underground anthem that artists need now more than ever. The lyrics talk about common misconceptions of creative industries whilst YNES firmly stands her ground on the fact high paid office jobs just aren’t for everyone. The chorus specifically talks about retraining with the lyric: “If you want, we’ll all get better jobs, but you can throw away your DVDs, you can unsubscribe from Netflix, and delete your music library” whilst keeping a high energy stance on the backing track that’s perfect for getting your anger out.

Chances are if you’re into the likes of Lauran Hibberd or Fontaines D.C. you’ll love YNES and everything she stands for. YNES doesn’t only stick up for musicians but trailblazes the way for women in the music industry.

You can listen to Better Job here.

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