Warrington Music releases charity single Swings and Waterslides // Generation Indie

Viola Beach

A group of musicians from Warrington pay tribute to Viola Beach with new charity cover

Viola Beach we’re one of the UK’s fastest-growing new bands their party anthems filled with infectious rhythms and catchy choruses took them to the iconic BBC Maida Vale Studios. Tragically Viola Beach along with their manager Craig Tarry were killed in a car accident on tour in Sweden on 13th February 2016, the news of their untimely death shocked the nation and thousands of tributes were paid including from Coldplay who played Swings and Waterslides by Viola Beach during their Glastonbury headline set.

Now a group of musicians named Warrington Music have released their version of Swings And Waterslides to commemorate and remember the band as well as raise money for charities chosen by the families of Viola Beach. The new cover includes artists: Jamie Boyle, Ed Dowling, Jessica Luise, Joe Banks and Lucy Bell along with others who wanted to show how much of an impact Viola Beach had on their hometown of Warrington as trailblazers in the music scene who were proud of where they came from.

Warrington Music

“Viola Beach are a huge part of my life, the big stepping stone to my whole career. So to be able to produce a version of one of their songs with amazing musicians from Warrington meant the world to me. I was lucky enough to hear their songs and mix them a lot whilst working with them and they were always songs which you could tell they wrote for people to dance and love forever. The boys’ legacy will live on forever and they left us some beautiful music. They will never be forgotten and they are everything to Warrington and its music scene.”

Cal Bate – Viola Beach’s former sound engineer
Craig Tarry

After their death, Viola Beach’s self-titled debut album was released for their music to live on through fans. The album reached number one on the UK chart and showcased just how brilliant they were and what should have been. I’d encourage you all to listen to this new cover by Warrington Music and play Viola Beach’s debut album whether you’ve heard it yet or not and take the time to appreciate the music they gave to the world. Five years on River Reeves, Kris Leonard, Tomas Lowe and Jack Dakin as well as their manager Craig Tarry live on through their music and the legacy they left behind.

You can listen to Swings And Waterslides by Warrington Music here.

Viola Beach
Viola Beach
Viola Beach

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