Celebrating 1 year of Generation Indie // Generation Indie

The sound of Generation Indie

From a review of Foolish Loving Spaces to sharing the very best new talent, Celebrating 1 year of Generation Indie

With everything from reviews of the best new music to getting a glimpse into the making of a record with eye-opening interviews, Generation Indie has become a site that supports and encourages new artists with exceptional talent and catches them at the very start of their careers.


From sharing the very best of local talent here on the south coast to further up the country I hope that anyone who decides to read this little corner of the internet has found a new favourite band to dance to or song to sing. Whether you came for the sound of Paraffin and stayed for a chat with Ed Cosens or found yourself stumbling across a review of At Home by Georgie, whoever you are, wherever you are I hope it gave you something to feel inspired or uplifted by.


On a personal note, I started the site with the simple aim of sharing the music I loved with the people who wanted to listen because I wanted a way to connect with others and feel less alone. A year later it turns out Generation Indie, a website that was once simply named after me has now reached over 65 countries and nearly 10,000 people. From the bottom of my heart thank you to every band, artist, PR company and manager that has sent over a song, shared a review and trusted me with something as precious as new music in the last year.

Here’s to another year of great music and enlightening conversations.

All the love and Rock ‘N‘ Roll in the world,

Faith x

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