KC releases debut single Talk Too Much // Generation Indie

This image shows the artwork for KC’s Talk Too Much
Talk Too Much – Artwork

Soaked in sunshine, Talk Too Much by K C is the lockdown anthem we all need

Katie Craig known by her stage name KC is a North East based musician who has a passion for performing. KC’s new track Talk Too Much was released on January 29th and the pop beats and thrilling guitar riffs make for an unforgettable anthem desperate to be played on stages across green fields underneath golden sunsets. Despite this, Talk Too Much has more of a serious undertone surrounding a slightly wounded relationship, written in Lockdown last year KC admitted she found it hard spending so much time with her partner which resulted in the release of the debut single.

In terms of melody alone, Talk Too Much is as colourful and catchy as one could wish for, the drumbeat instantly hooks you in and encourages dancing in the kitchen whilst the guitar follows a similar pattern to the likes of Pale Waves in the sense that they accompany the song to entice smiles rather than completely overpower it. KC’s vocals shine also through on the new single as high notes and harmonies are perfectly placed. If you’re a fan of Haim, Pale Waves or Lauran Hibberd you’ll want to play Talk Too Much on repeat.

Talking about her debut single, KC says:

Talk Too Much’’ is a song that was written during the primary 2020 Lockdown. Whilst staying with my (at the time) boyfriend, for 5 months straight…Obviously already a recipe for disaster. A lot of things came up and this song is the result of a conversation ending in a ‘Either step-up, or shut up’ situation. I love the irony of the lyrics contrasting with the happy, feel-good energy of the song. My entire personality pretty much plays between irony and sarcasm, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that somehow.”

Katie Craig

You can stream Talk Too Much here.

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