The Strifes share first single of 2021 titled Keep It Going // Generation Indie

The Strifes

Anthemic, loud and brimming with confidence Keep It Going by The Strifes is here to brighten up your January

You may remember that The Strifes featured on Generation Indie back in October last year, now the Southampton rock band are here to kickstart your new year with Keep It Going, a track exploring the idea of leaving a job you despise and how this has implications on your circumstances. The Strifes are a band full of talent and passion despite being in the early stages of starting a band and this being their second single, musically their way ahead of what other bands haven’t achieved in 5 years.

“We had Keep It Going before we decided to start the band just like our debut single. One day we decided to go into the studio; more for having a few beers than making music but we knew Taylor had a catalogue of tunes, he’d written over the past months so we kinda just jammed over a few more studio sessions until the band were formed and even before that we knew this was gonna be our second single”.

The Strifes

On first listen Keep It Going has heavy influences of The Libertines, Britpop and the post-punk scene however if you allow yourself to dive deeper than surface-level whilst the track has apparent musical strengths the songwriting is also something to behold with bold and straight-talking lyrics that add a thought-provoking element to the track which The Strifes are evidently clever with. It’s clear that The Strifes are here to stay and they’re definitely a trio you’ll want to keep an ear out for.

You can listen to Keep It Going here.

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