Jessica Luise drops new single Nice Try // Generation Indie

Jessica Luise

Soulful Jessica Luise has released a new single named Nice Try, a guitar ballad that personifies indie dream pop

Jessica Luise is a North West musician that uses enthralling lyricism paired with melodies that make you feel like you’re walking on the clouds, this approach is not only enchanting but enriching for the listener. Jess has received recognition from the likes of BBC Introducing (Merseyside) and is set for an incredible year ahead.

This song is the one that helped me blossom as an artist. The simplicity yet rawness of the lyrics made this song quite cathartic to write and record.”

Jessica Luise

Comforting and mellow, Nice Try by Jessica Luise wraps you into a warm embrace instantaneously with its delightfully dreamy guitar melodies and warming, rich vocals. Nice Try is a track about falling in love with someone who isn’t the one for you, it explores questions of infatuation and feelings of apprehension about someone who could be damaging, think of that ‘bad boy’ in secondary school, the one we all knew was bad but still, the one we all secretly wanted to hang out with, Nice Try puts these emotions and thoughts to a blissful melody that can take you anywhere you want to go.

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