Interview: Ed Cosens // Generation Indie

Ed Cosens

The brilliant Ed Cosens talks his debut record, being in Reverend & The Makers and his hometown

You may know Ed Cosens as the guitarist and co-songwriter of Sheffield royalty, Reverend & The Makers but now he’s gone solo with his new record Fortunes Favour being released on the 9th of April. Ed spoke to me about everything from his debut record, musical influences and his beloved Sheffield.

Fortunes Favour is a very personal project for Ed and something he’s thought about for a while, when I asked Ed on why this album felt so raw and honest he admits “The idea of doing a solo record has been with me for a number of years now but more recently I’ve managed to actually figure out what it was I wanted a solo album to be like sonically and especially lyrically. It is quite a personal album, a lot of the songs are semi-autobiographical and deal with experiences I’ve been able to look back and reflect on from my own life”

This new record feels like a mix of Noel Gallagher and Echo & The Bunnymen with cinematic guitar melodies and blissful songwriting, talking about this Ed admits that ‘Noel is a big influence’ on him and that he rather likes that Bunnymen comparison as he continues to say “‘some of their songs have certainly influenced me, as have people like Richard Hawley and from a bit further afield someone like Dan Auerbach I love”.

I asked him about how the process of making Fortunes Favour differed from that of Reverend & The Makers and whilst he pointed out that “ the main difference is that of course as part of a band and working in collaboration with other people there is always someone to bounce ideas off which you don’t get working on your own” he then touches on the downfalls of working with others admitting that “there is obviously sometimes a compromise when collaborating which you don’t have to do when writing on your own so you can perhaps explore an idea differently. I did, however, have a great team of people around me to help me record the album so at that stage I was able to make sure I wasn’t disappearing up my own backside!”.

Upon listening to the album title track feels like a very cathartic track due to its dreamy guitar lines and the vulnerability within the lyrics so I wanted to find out the meaning behind the track and why it’s important to the record. Talking about the tune Ed explains that “the title track of the album kind of sums up a lot of how I feel about the record, there are highs and lows as there have been ups and downs in my life and often the fickle nature of Fortune and fate has affected me, both in positive ways and also negative. It’s kind of asking fortune to shine its light on me and to hopefully continue to do so”.

It seems as though Fortune Favour has given Ed the chance to push his own boundaries and make a mark as when I asked Ed whether he felt he was able to express himself more he assured me that that was most certainly the case adding “I’ve always been more of the music guy when working with Reverend and other people, whereas with the solo record, I’ve stepped out into the spotlight in a lyrical sense and that is perhaps the part that’s taken me longest to feel comfortable with. As a result, it’s certainly allowed me to express myself more”.

I touched on his hometown of Sheffield and it’s one particular condiment that even as a southerner I’m a big advocate for, asking how much of an influence the steel city has on him Ed expressed his love for his home saying “I’m Sheffield born and bred and living here and taking all the influences from around me had undoubtedly shaped the way I think and write music. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else… on a permanent basis anyway, the south of France is pretty nice…! Hendersons relish is the only condiment as far as I’m concerned… are you telling me there are others?!”

Congratulating him on this brilliant new album, I asked what was next for him in terms of music and it seems he’s not ready to stop just yet as he states “Thank you. It means a lot that people have reacted in the way they have and that everyone seems to really like the album. It’s not been easy to step out on my own and put myself out there. Next is making more music and looking towards another solo record as well as Reverend. I’m certainly not planning on stopping at one record!”.

Fortunes Favour by Ed Cosens is out on the 9th April and is available to pre-order here.

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