Vela Incident release new single For All Lost Souls // Generation Indie

For All Lost Souls – Cover

Tangled in whimsical melodies with the sound of Britpop Vela Incident release For All Lost Souls

Port Talbot based band Vela Incident are making some waves in the music industry with radio play from the likes of Radio X and a string of singles released last year. Their new single For All Lost Souls has now been released and with its kaleidoscopic build up and undertones of ’90s Britain, For All Lost Souls makes Vela Incident a band to be reckoned with.

For All Lost Souls paints the picture of a festival crowd singing as the sunsets over the stage, the anthemic chorus draws you in as the stunning lyricism washes over the melody. Whilst the song is soft the rock element compliments all the singular components as they blend seamlessly.

At first listen you would be forgiven for thinking this was an instrumental (a beautiful one at that) but hang on for a minute and you’ll discover that this brand new tune has sublime snippets of The Verve, Echo & the Bunnymen, and Travis as the gripping vocals provided by Matt Bradley add grit and determination to the song whilst the soft percussion and dreamlike electric guitar provide a well-needed escape from the world.

Vela Incident are confident and self-assured brilliantly representing the Welsh music scene. For All Lost Souls and B side The Switch is available now.

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  1. They are all port Talbot boys, but live in different parts of the uk, imagin how much better they will sound in a record studio, these boys have enormous talent leys hope they get the recognition they deserve, love the song well done and looking forward to the next release.


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