TESSEL share new single Family Time // Generation Indie

TESSEL – Press photo

The epitome of dreamy soft pop, Tessel release new single Family Time

Musically comforting and sublimely tropical with a dark lyrical twist, Dutch four-piece Tessel have unveiled their new single Family Time accompanied by a music video downed in colour. Tessel have been making a name for themselves in the Netherlands and they are set to make a triumphant arrival in the UK.

Family Time was written with a deeper theme in mind, the song tells the story of someone who feels lost and uncomfortable in a family setting as the song aims to deconstruct the image of seemingly immaculate family life. Despite this, the musicality of the song is one of joy and happiness which is maybe intentionally a cleverly constructed juxtaposition of the two themes. The tune alone paints portraits of Caribbean beaches and endless sunshine which is perhaps with intent as the opening line speaks “Living on a beach, like all you’ve ever wanted”.

Elaborating on the song Tessel say:

“Even though the sound is light and cheerful, the themes of the lyrics carry the opposite message. The song tells a story of a person who has become entangled in the image of the perfect life’. Just wheneverything seems to be right: a family, a beautiful car in the driveway, a dinner with the family, theperson decides to flee, because “All I ever know, great moments will pass”.

This high energy track with an emotional twist is one you’ll want to be listening to on your good and bad days, the melody is like clean sea air whilst the lyrics dig deep down into the ocean surface, Family Time is the antithesis of another boring pop song.

You can check out the new video for Family Time by clicking here.

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