The Islas share new single Last Time Forever // Generation Indie

The Islas

Last Time Forever is the new heartfelt ballad from Norwich band The Islas

The Islas have made quite a name for themselves the last few years with their debut EP gaining a mass attraction back in 2018. With their final track of 2020, Last Time Forever is a melodic ballad that would sit rather comfortably over a powerful short film around heartbreak and belonging. This captivating piece of music blends the personal dark struggles of a songwriter with exceptional talent.

The visual imagery that the song creates is one of evening beauty. Imagine sitting on a hill looking out to sea as the stars cover the sky, the euphoric but calm state that washes over is exactly the atmosphere that Last Time Forever creates. The soft but hopeful vocals blended together with the chiming of sedative guitar makes the new single a must-listen for any Kodaline fan.

“I was in a pretty dark place, I won’t lie. I was struggling a lot with the lockdown at first, I packed away my games consoles, wouldn’t touch my books or my Mac. I spent some of my time going to the Norfolk coast and just sitting in my car or walking along the beaches. It was in these moments that I carved out the lyrics. It’s a really emotional song, and in a way a love-sick song but it’s like I’m talking to myself really. ‘Lost my hopeful thoughts somewhere in between, deep sleep and a funny dream’ came from the fact that I thought I just woke up and everything changed one day. I’d lost all my positivity, and I am definitely a positive person! Ross had this excellent riff which I started singing along to and as soon as I sent over a draft to him, we both really loved what we’d created”.

Nathan Baverstock/Ross Allen

Not only is Last Time Forever an astonishing musical experience, but The Islas have also once again proved themselves to be one of the most important new bands around. The Islas and Norwich should be extremely proud.

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