5 of the best recently released indie singles that I promise you’ll never want to live without again // Generation Indie

Cover: Crystal Tides

5 new singles you need to add to your Spotify playlists immediately including Jake Bugg and Crystal Tides

There’s so much new music on the indie circuit lately so I think it’s only right to do an old school style Generation Indie post and talk you through 5 of the very best releases that you can check out right now. 

Crystal Tides – Courtney Love

This Portsmouth based indie outfit will have you dancing and singing your way through lockdown with their energetic new single Courtney Love. Written about taking a stand against those who exploit young musicians this track has a powerful message with an equally powerful chorus that you’ll want to add to every playlist you ever make. The catchy melodies and anthemic guitars will make Crystal Tides one of your new favourite bands. You can listen on Spotify here.

Jake Bugg – All I Need

The incredible Jake Bugg is back with his brand new single All I Need, it’s the perfect balance between pop and rock. The cheery track Is a new and exciting direction for the Nottingham born singer whilst keeping his distinctive vocals and true and honest lyrics. All I Need was penned around trying to slot into a technological world but this new song leans to a more upbeat side of Jake Bugg that fans have rarely heard before. You can check out the new song here.

The Mono LPs – Hell, Save My Soul

Liverpool band The Mono LPs are back releasing their brand new and exhilarating new track Hell, Save My Soul. A homage to good old fashioned rock and roll this tracked is doused in electric guitars with an infectious melody that would please even the snobbiest of music critics. You can listen here.

Jade Bird – Headstart

The amazing Jade Bird has released her new single Headstart following the release of her hugely successful album, this new track keeps Jade Bird’s distinctive vocals and addictive guitar riffs whilst adding a fresh pop of energy and talent to the indie circuit. This incredibly catchy tune was written about liking someone who doesn’t see all the signals. Headstart is sure to make you feel optimistic and upbeat during these uncertain times. You can listen to the track here.

Glass Caves – Who Are You?

Glass Caves have dropped their brand new single Who You Are? following on from the successful release of their last single Eye To Eye. The new track has the energetic melody and anthemic chorus that Glass Caves are known for. This 3 minutes of pure joy is uplifting and worthy of every bright and breezy playlist across the land. Aside from their cool hair and perfect grasp of rock and roll, Glass Caves have an abundance of musical talent and that alone will put them high up on the list of your favourite bands. You can listen here.

These are all of the five tracks that I’ve handpicked for you to check out but is there anyone else I should have added? Leave a comment and let me know!


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