Back To Stockport – The new documentary from Blossoms // Generation Indie

Blossoms: Back To Stockport cover

Blossoms: Back To Stockport – From Charlie’s Grandad’s scaffolding yard to the first ever gig at Edgeley Park.

It’s no secret that Blossoms have gone from strength to strength in recent years with fans all over the world but one thing remains the same… the pride they feel for their hometown of Stockport. Their new Amazon Prime documentary takes a candid look at how Stockport’s finest went from rehearsing in a scaffolding yard to putting on the first ever gig in Edgeley Park, Stockport’s very own football stadium. 

Directed by Charlie Watts, the new film sees Blossoms prepare for their biggest show yet whilst documenting just how far 5 ordinary lads can go. Throughout the film videos from the Edgley Park show are played adding not just great music but a sense of pride and hope to musicians up and down the country with the question If they can do it, why can’t I? ringing around their heads. With behind the scenes footage and exclusive interviews it’s a must watch for any musician and all fans of Blossoms.

Taking it right back to the scaffolding yard pictured on their self titled debut album, bassist Charlie Salt takes a trip to see his legendary grandad. John who let them use his yard as a rehearsal space before Blossoms became synth pop royalty. Salt explains just how influential his grandad has been calling him a ‘pioneer of Blossoms’.

What’s evidently clear throughout the whole documentary is the bond they have together, not just as a band but as best friends, capturing the essence of what Blossoms is to so many people, a way to connect, make friends and share a love of brilliant music. The pride this band have in each other and their hometown is unbreakable. The new documentary aptly named Back To Stockport is food for the soul providing a real comfort blanket in these times and instilling hope in music, friendship, musicians and most importantly their beloved Stockport.  

If you’re a working class kid like me this new documentary might just be what you need to help you build confidence and belief in yourself because Blossoms did it as five ordinary people that you’d run into down the pub with exceptional talent. Back To Stockport is emotional, heartfelt and bloody marvellous. 

Blossoms: Back To Stockport is available now on Amazon Prime.

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