Andrew Cushin shares new single Where’s My Family Gone // Generation Indie

Powerful and thought-provoking Andrew Cushin shares new track Where’s My Family Gone.

If you’re a fan of Echo And The Bunnymen or Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Bird’s this new track is right up your street. Newcastle Born Andrew Cushin is an emerging singer/songwriter with an abundance of talent, so much so that Noel Gallagher even produced, played guitar and sang backing vocals on the new single. 

Where’s My Family Gone was born out of Andrew feeling isolated from your family as they hadn’t been speaking to each other so he used his incredible songwriting skills to find a place for his emotions. At just 20 years old it’s clear that Andrew has a natural talent for both songwriting and singer and whilst the track started on a darker note Andrew says Noel helped to turn it into something more upbeat.

“I wrote Where’s My Family Gone when I was in a dark place, I hadn’t been speaking to my family, or friends. I felt as though I had no outlet for the way I was feeling, and I wrote it in a little hotel room in Leeds before a gig. It started out as a darker track but the production that Noel has added to the song has pushed the track in a way that it’s now so much bigger and more uplifting”.

Andrew Cushin

The soundscape alone feels very 90’s with hints of The Verve, it’s an instant nostalgic hit to the ears that fills you with happiness from start to finish whilst being incredibly raw and emotional. The built-up guitar and stunning vocals help to lead you into the chorus that’s filled with energy and drama, like a big showpiece at the theatre but better. Whilst the song has elements of darkness it still feels like a brilliant ‘moment’ that would translate well at live shows and it’s a track that I’m very much addicted to, it’s such a pleasure to listen and the intimacy of the songwriting is just divine.

Some say that Andrew might follow in the footsteps of fellow Geordie Sam Fender which may well be true but right now he has enough unfiltered talent and passion that he should already feel on top of his game.

You can find Where’s My Family Gone Here

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