The Strifes release exciting new single All Day And Night // Generation Indie

The Strifes – All Day And Night

The Strifes have shared their heart racing new single All Day And Night and it’s packed full of energy

It’s no secret that I love a good guitar band. This band aren’t good though, they’re outstanding. If you like Fontaine’s D.C I’ve found your next obsession and if you don’t? I’m not sure we will ever be friends.

Rock trio The Strifes from Southampton formed barely six months ago back in may already sound more professional than most of the soulless tunes that manage to hop up the charts now days proving that despite only being in the early stages of their new chosen career path they’re not ones to be messed with. All Day And Night is a track about lust in many ways but more prominently the desire to be with someone that you’ve come across but only to realise later on you were just a bit caught up in the moment and you probably, most definitely don’t want to be with them at all.

“It’s all about finding someone and for that night you can’t stop thinking about them because they just have that effect on you.”

Taylor Hopper – Vocalist/Guitarist

Boisterous guitars lead the track like a shot of adrenaline to the heart, throwing up turbulent but terrific bass lines and rolling drums that create intense moments with an unbelievable amount of sheer musicianship. The vocals are harsh and heavy on the one hand but comforting and familiar on the other making me immediately feel a sense of confidence that as a listener I thrive off.

All Day And Night is the perfect thunderstorm that’s got enough confidence to take on Brixton Academy and guitars loud enough to blow the speakers.

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