The Ghost of Helags releases Night Summer Waiting // Generation Indie

Ghost of Helags

Duo The Ghost of Helags have shared their new single Night Summer waiting taken from their upcoming album

Night Summer Waiting is the dreamy, euphoric new single from Berlin outfit The Ghost of Helags, the new track was a way for the duo to escape and find solace during the pandemic that is affecting everyone around the world. With elements of fear but also moments of optimism Night Summer Waiting is the perfect tune to play throughout the rest of this year. Slow beats and the encroaching chorus make for a dark and soulful track that captures the mood around the world right now but without sensationalism or fear.

“The song was written in the heat of this small mountain village on top of a hill in Italy. Completely isolated from society, only reachable via heavy serpentines, almost dangerous to drive in the rain, as the narrow streets get flooded. The only contact with people was the local bar, but everyone wore masks and human contact was almost impossible. There were no visitors, only a few locals who live there. Between Espressos, red wine and the almost unbearable heat of the South, this track emerged. As an outcry. In a feeling of vertigo, isolation, exhilaration and haziness from the heat. From the pain of being denied human touch and belonging.”

Teresa – The Ghost of Helags

The Ghost of Helags has blurred the lines between club music and deep, emotional lyrics giving us an insight into what might happen if The Smiths were blended with Chase and Status. Night Summer Waiting is a track we should all have on repeat.

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