Fading Blonde drop new single 25 // Generation Indie

Fading Blonde

Fading Blonde have returned with their new track 25 and it’s even more captivating than before

The new track explores themes of anxiety and feeling like you’re growing up too quickly without being in control. Whilst the vocal has a sense of vulnerability, what is clear is how much the band care about their art which is one of the reasons why they’ve now been featured twice here on Generation Indie. The guitar is instantaneously infectious whilst the vocals guide you through a naive but important journey throughout.

’25 is a really personal one for me. When I wrote this song I was having this massive anxiety that felt like some sort of impending doom was approaching. That life was moving around me, as I was deteriorating and never getting anywhere I felt like I should be. Kind of like a mid-life crisis, but at 23! With quite a dark subject matter, we wanted the melodies and instrumentation to be as uplifting, energetic and fun as possible.

Evan Jones – Lead

As Evan stated, the new single does have more of a thought-provoking and dark theme however 25 is definitely a track that could rile up any festival crowd, a bit like when The Wombats went down the ironic route of Let’s Dance To Joy Division and made it the highlight of their live set. There’s no doubt that Fading Blonde now how to captivate the reader and make them invest in the lyrics so it’s going to be great to see what they do at live shows when they eventually return.

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