Paraffin drop new single Blow Up // Generation Indie

Paraffin release new track Blow Up proving they’re ready to sell out venues far and wide

You may remember that last time Paraffin were featured on Generation Indie I stated that they were “without doubt the next version of The Amazons and 110% my new favourite band” and it’s safe to say absolutely nothing has changed apart from the fact they keep getting better.

The three piece from Portsmouth have released new single Blow Up which steers them in the direction of Foals but that quote about The Amazons still stands. The new track encompasses everything that’s great about rock and roll whilst basking in synthesisers, edgy vocals and quite honestly a guitar riff sharper than a shot of whiskey.

“It’s centred around a guitar riff that would not be out of place in 00’s R’n’B, ‘’ is first and foremost a rock song. Not shying away from the history of the rebellion in the genre, the track also incorporates synth overlays, modulated effects andcall-and-response vocals à la noughties indie.”


Blow Up is intensely powerful from start to finish with a constant sense of euphoria that never ends. With guitar work that even Johnny Marr would be proud of and endless amounts of energy don’t be surprised when Paraffin become the UK’s next stadium rock band, someone needs to get them supporting Arctic Monkeys ASAP.

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