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TV People

Dublin’s TV People take a dive into the dark and eerie with new single Nothing More that holds a resemblance to The Smith’s

TV People are Dublin’s newest exports, carrying harrowing lyrics and impeccable guitar riffs that feed your soul. Previous singles Kitchen Sinking and Time Eats Up have upbeat melodies and plunging bass lines but new single Nothing More takes a different approach becoming the embodiment of The Smiths and Joy Division in one.

Taking a jump into the deep, dark depths of mental health, Nothing More is an emotional journey, capturing the realisation that responsibility and self happiness come hand in hand whilst exploring whether life is in fact meaningless unless we create our own sense of euphoria. The track is an honest representation of sadness and existential dread with ironically confident musicianship to counteract.

The enthralling vocals provided by Paul Donohoe keep you on the edge, inciting fear and excitement making the track a thriller of all proportions, complimenting the profound drums that add a serious sense of mystery to the track with layering guitar lines making a melody to both dance and cry to.

“The song documents the experience of trying to make peace with the realisation that life may be inherently meaningless and deal with the burden of being responsible for your own life’s purpose. It was written remotely during the lockdown period by sending each other music and mixing a home demo which was a new way of writing for us.”

TV People

The accompanying video to the new single sees different members of the band in various shots at the start showcasing a simpler, working class life in a run down city that is not only recognisable to myself but to so many others. The use of red lighting within the middle of the video that illuminated the band as they rehearsed is a great metaphor combining the darkness of the lyrics with the danger associated with the red colour.

With somber tones, scarily sharp bass lines and truthful, outstanding lyrics TV People are not only a great band but geniuses of their craft you can’t help but feel that maybe there’s an Irish version of The Smiths on the rise.

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