Jimmy Herrity releases Try To Forget // Generation Indie

Try To Forget – Artwork

Brighton outfit Jimmy Herrity showcases his haunting vocals in melancholy new single Try To Forget

Try To Forget is the new melancholy ballad from Jimmy Herrity providing the crossover between the blissful ness of Tom Speight and the exceptional musicianship of The Verve. The new single is themed around holding on to past behaviours even though they may not reflect the person you are now.

The track paints a soft, hazy picture constructed by a myriad of autumn colours and the gentle trickle of rain. It’s enthused with stunning lyricism and a gradual build of guitar that takes the song on a journey of its own with vocals reminiscent of early Richard Ashcroft on “The Drugs Don’t Work” whilst still preserving the originality and smoothness that creates the dreamiest tunes.

“I see this song as someone stood in the middle of a party and looking around at how ridiculous we all are. Holding on to things we were told as children and living our lives like that. It’s really easy to take unimportant things too seriously in life, I think it just distracts us from the fact that we live in a doomed world. Chasing thrills, falling short and romancing pain to make it more bearable. There are demons behind the curtain and they are far too big to deal with, So it’s just easier to forget, or at least try to”.

Jimmy Herrity

Try To Forget is emotive, powerful and haunting. My only regret is that I didn’t find Jimmy Herrity sooner, if you’re craving nostalgia, originality and a genuinely great artist then this is for you.

Find Jimmy Herrity:





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