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Lead singer and guitarist Max Troy of pop punk band TV COMA spoke to Generation Indie about their new single Congratulations and being inspired by Biffy Clyro

Brighton band TV COMA have already been gaining traction on Spotify’s ‘Hot New Bands’ playlist with their nostalgic 90s pop punk anthemic tracks. With the release of their new single ‘Congratulations’ I interviewed the band to find out all about the new track and what life is like for Tv Coma in lockdown.

You’ve recently released your new single ‘Congratulations’. Can you tell me more about the meaning behind the song?

Leo was sitting drunkenly on a wet curb in Southampton after a messy break up. He recorded the whole of congratulations into a voice memo on his phone. It’s about love in the millennial age and how after a break up you see an endless photo stream of your ex lovers face from all the different angles with different captions like “trying on these new sandals today that I got from the sandal man, comment below your favorite sandals and how many sandals you’ve worn in the past year!!”

In terms of style and development how does the new single differ to the ones you have previously released?

It’s like the highest budget thing we’ve ever done, that’s why the recording sounds so good and the video was filmed by an actual camera. After this we will have no money and will have to only eat tinned butter beans for a while. If you watch our old videos they are mostly filmed on iPhones or a 2000s DV camera, sometimes using a green screen with a royalty free 4K video in the background.


“It was inspired mainly by the big choruses of Biffy Clyro…”

Max Troy

What inspired ‘Congratulations’ musically? Were there any albums or artists that really made an impact?

It was inspired mainly by the big choruses of Biffy Clyro, early Weezer and Blur. We love big choruses and feel like they’re getting lost in new music and compensated by “Vibe”. It’ll get a band on the next weekly “Chill” editorial playlist, but big singalong choruses are always what brings people together and we just want everyone to all sing together as friends.

As a band do you have any strong influences throughout your music in its entirety?

We’ve mainly been inspired by Andy Kaufman and love the way that he used to do whatever he found funny and didn’t care too much about making the audience laugh. He ended making some of the most fun live shows the world has ever seen. Everything he did was like a great in-joke, but such an in-joke that it was sometimes only him that was laughing. 

How have you found the recording process for the new music? Has anything massively changed?

When we record we stick the cables into the bits and then the music plays out of the speaker that we keep on the floor, then Jamie starts dancing to the music, Laurie poses, Leo sometimes gets angry and starts punching the floor and I just sit there and watch the creative juices flow.

“The album [WUSS] will be cutting, but also empathetic.”

Max Troy

Is there a particular theme or message that you want fans to take away from your music?

We want people to think about the Millennial generation, being the first generation to grow up in the age of the internet, we’ve had to adjust to a digital detachment from reality and humanity after growing up in the late 80s/90s when none of this stuff existed. Our upcoming album WUSS is based on an essay by Brett Easton Ellis entitled ‘Generation WUSS’,we want to re-appropriate the word for Millennials. The album will be cutting, but also empathetic.

How has lockdown been and are you planning any live shows for the future?

We have no shows planned yet, looking forward to when old ‘rona jumps into the skip and gets flung off into space. Then we will be playing lots of shows and are thinking about a European tour.

Finally If you had to describe TV Coma in 3 words what would they be?


You can find TV Coma and listen to new single Congratulations using the links below:





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