St Peters Dream release their high energy new single What Molly Wants // Generation Indie

St Peter’s Dream

St. Peter’s Dream take up space in your mind and find a place in your heart with new unapologetically indie track What Molly Wants

The Reading quartet are about to find a place on your Spotify playlist with their catchy, anthemic new single What Molly Wants that will take you back to when bands formed in garages with ripped jeans and charmingly rough and ready vocals.

The new tune features upbeat guitar riffs that make the heart sing with perfectly timed drum beats made to move your body. What Molly Wants is built around and enchanting, powerful chorus tackling themes of growing up and learning to connect the different puzzle pieces of life together in your late teens and it’s ambitiously crafted to be screamed back to the main stages which is exactly where St. Peter’s Dream Belong.

“It’s about the realisations and understandings you pick up in your late teens, and how sometimes just from listening to people you can connect some missing pieces”.

Travis (Lead Singer)

St. Peter’s Dream are about to move on up to dizzy new heights and you’d be a fool not to go with them.

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