PARAFFIN drop brand new single Black & Blue // Generation Indie


Portsmouth indie rockers PARAFFIN set the music scene alight with new single Black & Blue

Raw, Edgy and uncomplicated would be the best way to describe Portsmouth’s rife 3 piece PARAFIN with new single Black & Blue heading straight to the top of all my Spotify playlists. The isolated guitar at the start will have you hooked as the gritty vocals smash through your headphones.

The track is a beautifully vocalised version of heartbreak that adapts to different situations. At a festival this track would be top of the indie bangers list but at 2am in your room alone? Haunting, emotional and breathtaking.

Cause you left here

With someone else

A guy that looked nothing like me, You left me scarred

With a broken heart, Girl I’m torn, I’m black and blue.

Black & Blue – Chorus

The chorus is the perfect no-nonsense approach to heartbreak that draws you in because it’s instantly relatable and creates emotion within a split second. When asked about the song lead singer Billy commented:

A punchy hot take, watching the girl you love fall for somebody else. Seeing before your very eyes that even to your best efforts, she will always want someone else…”.


With guitar that’s so sharp it could cut your hair, lyrics that rip out the heart and a voice that is so utterly stunning, PARAFFIN are without doubt the next version of The Amazons and 110% my new favourite band.

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