Fading Blonde share their new indie classic Walking Distance // Generation Indie

Fading Blonde

Nottingham Trio Fading Blonde bring back the golden years of the early 200s with new single

Walking distance is a pure shot of classic indie rock that’s nostalgic and emotional . The new song comes after the band played a big support slot with synth pop duo, Deco at the Rescue Rooms in Manchester.

The new single is an absolute blast of early 2000s addictive indie rock reminiscent of chart hit Hey There Delilah. The passionate vocals shine through complimenting the incredible guitar hooks that make this track a sensational burst of energy.

“With Walking Distance we wanted to create a song which people could shout back the words to us at gigs next year – that’s the feeling we’re missing and we wanted to re-create this in the recording. The song is about being with someone everyday of your life and then suddenly having to deal with emotional and physical distance. We poured all this emotion back into the song and hopefully that shines through the finished product.”

Evan Jones – Lead Singer

Walking Distance instantly reminds me of indie club nights and festivals with friends that a fuelled by great music and pints in hands. The sheer amount of musical skill within the song and quality of the songwriting presented on the record make this track worthy of the top spot.

Fading Blonde are ones to watch.

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