GEORGIE releases debut album At Home // Generation Indie


Singer/songwriter GEORGIE has released her faultless debut album At Home

For fans of: Neneh Cherry, Celeste, Adele

Rating: ***** (5 stars)

Summary: simply divine, powerful and soul bearing

The Mansfield musician recorded the new eight track debut album in lockdown after being forced to postpone a high profile tour supporting slot and used her recent heartbreak as inspiration.

“Writing this album has been my most enjoyable creative time to date. I had no idea it was something that would become an album, I was writing these songs purely from the heart and because like everyone else I didn’t have much else to do.”


The album opens with Company. It’s a track that instantly sets the tone with its smooth melody and jazz infused vocals, the chorus is upbeat and catchy making it an instant hit for the summer. As we flow into Simple Things the isolated keyboards create a melancholy structure that flows through the whole song. Simple Things feels like it should soundtrack a coming of age movie on Netflix.

What’s clear is how Georgie is able to tell a story and captivate listeners through a wide range of genres and influences as we glide through track 3, Unrequited Love which features a darker more RnB sound. Rules We Broke has more of a folk-rock element with fearless acoustic and electric guitar whilst Georgie’s vocals feel like velvet gently brushing over the song.

Chasing Kites is the lead single and packs a powerful punch with Georgie’s signature smooth jazz vocals accompanied by a more electronic style beat that really blues the lines between genres and has a real sense of musical freedom. Now We’re Lonely slows down into a soft powerful ballad featuring angelic backing vocals offering a gorgeous gospel element.

The penultimate song on the album is known as Me And You Only, with impactful melodies that create gripping drama throughout. Georgie’s raw and honest vocals build and compliment the track perfectly. The final song on the album is Blue Waters and it brings At Home to a close perfectly with a more warm summer evening feel that is simply infectious.

It’s no doubt in my mind that this is quite possibly one of the best albums in recent years and should see Georgie shoot to stardom. At Home is simply divine and incredibly powerful as Georgie bares her soul for the whole world to hear.

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