Shai Brides share new single Honeydew // Generation Indie

Shai Brides

Birmingham outfit Shai Brides have blessed us with a new synth-pop track titled Honeydew

The new track offers up an abundance of retro summer vibes with lo-fi vocals and a woozy but just as powerful melody. Honeydew was written about doubts, insecurities and festering feelings surrounding love and all that comes with it.

The instrumental side is composed of synthesisers, electric guitar and keyboards which really help to amp up the track and making perfect for a festival but equally as fitting for chilling out on the sofa. It’s split character means that it’s suited to many a situation making it the perfect track for almost any playlist.

Thom Dent’s vocals are filled with 90s pop vibes but are equally powerful with subtle elements of rock and roll. They’re dreamy and smooth creating a sense of blissfulness throughout.

“Honeydew is a song about doubts and nervous love. It’s about new feelings and old insecurities, being eager to accelerate but hesitant to lose control…”

Shai Brides

Honeydew is the perfect indie banger that spans across different styles and occasions. Shai Brides are simply excellent.

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