Love Fame Tragedy releases compelling debut album: Wherever I Go, I Want To Leave’

Murph preforming with The Wombats (29/1/19)

Born out of recording a chart topping album (Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life) Love Fame Tragedy is the side project of The Wombats’ energetic front man Mathew Murphy (AKA Murph).

The album is an amalgamation of different artists and collaborations, whilst it’s certainly not The Wombats, Murph isn’t going it alone. Speaking to NME last year he explained “It’s somewhere between Gorillaz and a solo project. I wanna keep collaborating and getting people on board…”

With its addictive dance tunes and distinct indie vocals there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Songs such as ‘Please Don’t Murder Me (Part 2)’ and ‘Pills’ will most definitely appeal to a Wombats crowd it’s important to remember that this project is to expand on different ideas and sounds that don’t fit for the much loved three piece.

The songs hold a lot of truth surrounding topics such as mental health, growing up and feeling unsure, the title alone relates to so many of us. The honesty within the lyrics and the vulnerability that’s present throughout makes this album a transforming and emotional listen.

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