Harpo Milk – ‘Swim Again’ review: Joe Falconer swaps lead guitar to become enchanting lead singer

Swim Again – cover art

Now you may know Joe Falconer as ¼ of British band Circa Waves but he’s swapped the lead guitar for lead singer and he’s been busy exploring other areas creating new music under the name ‘Harpo Milk’. 

‘Swim Again’ is the second track from the Liverpudlian export, but if you’re expecting a rip off from the band like so many other solo projects, you’ll be very mistaken. Whilst Circa Waves fans should get excited ‘Harpo Milk’ is a far cry from Kieran Shudall and Co.

‘Swim Again’ offers a truthful, gritty look at toxic masculinity, lad culture and losing your virginity and is ultimately a way for Falconer to explore his own ideas away from the chart topping band and create lo-fi electronic sounds which is essentially the opposite of Circa Waves’ last album ‘Sad Happy’ which landed at number 4 in the album charts.

The song itself feels like a nostalgic comfort blanket and the vocals are reminiscent of Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody because it turns out lead guitarists can have incredibly enchanting, dreamy voices too. The song lends itself to coffee shops and nostalgia playlists predominantly plastered all over Spotify which isn’t a bad thing. 

‘Harpo Milk’ delivers a place to sit back and lose yourself in a dreamy and decadent exploration offering warmth and a chance to explore your own feelings. As for Joe, he’s shown an incredible amount of vulnerability and raw energy which is what makes this such an exciting solo project.

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