Gerry Cinnamon is unapologetically Scottish as he scores number 1 record and The 1975 release summer anthem ‘If You’re Too Shy’

Glasgow’s Gerry Cinnamon tops the album charts and The 1975 release new single.
Original pictures taken by Christian Bertrand (shutterstock.com) and then externally edited by me.

Thursday last week Manchester’s finest The 1975 released their Brand-new single ‘If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know’) which was already a firm favourite amongst fans thanks to the live shows way before it was became Annie Mac’s Hottest Record on Radio 1. It’s safe to say the new single is just as catchy, melodic, well written and attention grabbing as you’d expect. I spoke to one fan named Chlo on Twitter (@tooshyletmechlo) after the release of the studio recording to ask her opinion on the new single and she exclaimed that: “I truly love it and I love the 80s vibe, it reminds me of ‘The Sound’ and ‘Somebody Else’ which makes me nostalgic”.

The new song is reminiscent of the Earlier days of the band, Lead singer Matty Healy has even brought back the curly hair. It’s an electro fueled Pop track that I’m sure like many other ‘1975’ songs will cement themselves into music lover’s playlists across the globe for years to come. One thing’s for sure the song itself is a marvel when performed on stages to thousands of adoring fans around the world. There really is no stopping The 1975 as this single has been released on the run up to their 4th studio album titled ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ which is due to be released on 22nd May 2020. 

Meanwhile 3 years after his debut album ‘Erratic Cinematic’ Glasgow born Gerry Cinnamon scores a number one with his second record titled ‘The Bonny’ which also features the single ‘Canter’. It’s as unapologetically Scottish as the first record with it’s incredibly truthful lyrics and heavy Scottish accent but has so much more depth and honesty which draws you in instantly. 

It’s easy to understand why ‘They Bonny’ would get to number one particularly in these times as people search for a sense of comfort, familiarity and escapism and this record certainly serves all three but I feel honesty has been lost in music over the years and the record itself has no hesitations about telling the truth which is both endearing and clever. My personal favourite from the record is ‘Mayhem’ because it’s a song that can be analysed whilst alone or belted out with thousands of others by your side. 

Remember festivals may be cancelled right now but music and creativity are still very much alive.

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