The Baltics – ‘Carbon Theme Park’ review: North East band The Baltics release electric new single ‘Carbon Theme Park’

Cover – The Baltics

Newcastle quartet The Baltics have released a new single and their infectious melodies and distinct vocals give the band a unique sound that is the perfect crossover between Synth-Pop and the 90s Brit-Pop era. 

The Baltics are influenced by artists such as Oasis, The Stone Roses and The 1975 as well as many others which isn’t a surprise considering they grew up in the north. What’s great is that you can really hear those influences within the new single making it a crowd pleaser for any party playlist or festival. 

The new single ‘Carbon Theme Park’ is a political protest song that focuses on climate change and the current climate emergency that has captured the minds of young people (including myself) over the last few years. It’s utterly refreshing to hear younger musicians use music to connect with deeper issues. The song itself has a familiar northern feel with it’s big exciting guitar sounds reminding me of Oasis in their early days but with a fresh twist.

The lyrics themselves could live happily in a Sam Fender or Billy Bragg song as these are both artists that produce deeper thought provoking work. The lyric “Where’s your mates in the Carbon Theme Park, the swings look empty to me ” is in my opinion a great metaphor for the current climate crisis and how carbon emissions are killing the planet whilst showcasing anger at how the government seemingly don’t care. Writer Shay Bagnall said: “I was influenced by my love for the planet and have implemented timeless styles reminiscent of 90s ‘Cool Britannia’ while also adding our own Baltics’ sound”.

‘Carbon Theme Park’ was recorded at the renowned Blast studios located in Newcastle has welcomed the likes of legendary band Arctic Monkeys as well as Take That. Josh Thurlow who is lead guitarist for the band said they “sent the song to mastering engineer Pete Maher who is employed by the likes of MTV, BBC, and Liam Gallagher and for mastering work and he took the track to another level.”

The song may have a northern British feel to it but I can see it capturing audiences around the world as The Baltics continue on the road to become an indie rock and roll phenomenon much like one of their influences The 1975. I’m intrigued to see where there journey takes them and if ‘Carbon Theme Park’ is anything to go by maybe we will see them play the main stage at Reading and Leeds one day.

The Baltics consist of: Shay Bagnall (Lead vocals and Bass Guitar) Josh Thurlow (Lead Guitar), Guy Robson (Rhythm Guitar) and Adam Marshall (Drums/Percussion and Backing Vocals). ‘Carbon Theme Park’ was released on 21/4/20 and is available to stream and purchase now on 43 online stores including Spotify and Apple Music. 

The band say they are continuing to write songs during lockdown which they hope to release later this year but in the meantime you can listen to Carbon Theme Park by clicking here www.thebaltics.co.uk/carbon-theme-park and to keep up to date with the band their website and social media pages are linked below.

Links to The Baltics:

Website: http://www.thebaltics.co.uk

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/thebalticsband

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChLujjiUA4xjWyb2tdOoVqQ

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_thebalticsband

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebalticsband

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