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My record collection – The albums that speak to me

I’ve been building a record collection for what feels like forever but in reality my love for vinyl only became serious when I was around 16. It was at that age where I got heavily into the likes of ABBA and Bob Dylan (two very different artists) and realised that their musical genius was made to be played through the speakers of a turntable rather than an iPhone speaker.

I’m going to pick out my 5 essential records for anyone that is thinking about or has just started a vinyl collection and tell you a little bit about why I think these are important records to own.

  1. Definitely maybe – Oasis 

The iconic Britpop band had a huge impact on me aged 13+ and as soon as I got a record player i knew I had to own “definitely maybe” (1994) one day. This album made me fall in love with music on a whole other level I fell in love with records, music shops and live gigs because I was obsessed with this band and wanted to be Liam Gallagher and I still love all of those things because this album taught me what Indie music was and is.

  1. Suck it and see – Arctic Monkeys

Suck it and see (2011) is by far my favourite record from the Sheffield quartet. The album itself was definitely controversial at the time due to its stripped back sounds and lending itself to the world of pop making it a far cry from the bands previous record humbug (2009). This album is a lyricists dream with Turner’s writing on songs like “reckless serenade” and title track “suck it and see” making it a poetry book put to melody.

  1. Greatest hits – Bruce Springsteen

Quite simply the boss that has an incredible story to tell. Buying Bruce Springsteen’s greatest hits (1995) was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s 12 inches of glorious rock and roll with in my opinion some of the greatest songs ever written that tell down to earth, relatable small town stories. Songs include “Atlantic City” and “Born in the USA”. Let’s face it any Springsteen record you buy is going to be great but owning a greatest hits album is definitely better if you’re on a tighter budget as it’s all the best songs on one record!

  1. Hypersonic Missiles- Sam Fender

I distinctly remember the release day of Hypersonic Missiles (2019) walking to college with this bleeding through my headphones on Spotify eagerly waiting for my picture disk vinyl to arrive. The sense of pride and emotion I felt listening to this for the very first time as someone who can relate to living on a council estate and wondering if there was ever a way out. Whilst Fender has said he doesn’t want to be the working class poster boy there’s something to be said when someone can make you feel proud to be who you are. His songs are unapologetically honest and talk about heavy topics like male suicide (Dead Boys), Poverty (leave fast) and domestic violence (The Borders) all whilst asking questions about the modern world we live in. I’ve no doubt that Sam is going to inspire generations of fans.

  1. The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses 

The bands self titled debut album (1989) wasn’t an immediate success but since playing it live it has become a classic amongst fans l and music critics with Mojo stating that it “set the tone for rock music in the ’90s” all whilst giving the album 5 stars and music legend Liam Gallagher even said that they influenced the sound of Oasis. Songs like “Waterfall”, “I am the resurrection” and “This is the one” give you the unmistakable, imaginative and classic sound of The Stone Roses that cemented them into Manchester and “Baggy” music culture forever making them one of the greatest bands of all time.

Are there any albums you think I should buy? Leave a comment below and tell me what you love to listen to!

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